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Broadband for Schools and Academies

North Lincolnshire Council IT Services have a unique partnership with Easynet to ensure we can provide your school with a flexible broadband connection. Together with Easynet, we can provide a reliable, consistent, secure connection to the Internet through our low cost broadband.

Broadband Services explained

We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements so we are able to offer a range of different broadband technologies. Working with Easynet as our broadband partner we are able to analyse what technology is available across all network providers at your specific location. This enables us to challenge the market as it evolves and broker the best value for money connections for our schools and academies.

Our schools’ broadband allows different levels of filtering for different user groups. This offers you a content filtering solution with the reassurance that you can access valuable curriculum resources in a fast, safe and secure manner along with restricting access to inappropriate material.

All of our broadband connections are supplied with national government ‘Public Sector Network‘ (PSN) security requirements as standard. We will carry out annual health checks safeguarding against any security risks. Security monitoring devices actively monitor live traffic for any potential threats, allowing us to proactively respond accordingly, which provides you with an extra level of assurance.

Benefits to You

We offer a wide range of advantages which include, but are not limited to:

  • High quality fast Broadband connection at value for money prices;
  • Easynet an established telecommunications partner;
  • IT guidance on OFSTED Indicators and Good Practice;
  • Annual health checks;
  • High levels of quality, availability and reliability on all circuits;
  • Monitoring and performance reporting;
  • National Government PSN security as standard;
  • Secure remote access sessions;
  • Content filtering; and
  • Advice, support, and much more.

Our commitment to our customers will continue; we will ensure that access to the latest technologies is available at competitive prices and put choice at the heart of what we offer. We already provide this reliable service to over 75 per cent of schools and academies within North Lincolnshire.

* Broadband services are subject to contract