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Unified Communications

Unified Communications

The Unified Communications Team are providers of unified communications services with a proven track record on the delivery of enterprise grade infrastructure for voice, data and security. We can provide you with a range of solutions for your business which include help, guidance, support and solutions for the following:

  • Telephone/Voice platforms
  • Data networking and wireless
  • Security/Firewalls and health checks

Our professionals have vast knowledge and experience to provide you with telephony services which include advice, design, implementation, support and reporting. Telephony platforms are often underused as key business tools. Our experience and knowledge can enable you to get more from these services and enhance your business processes.

Benefits to you:

By delivering high quality voice and telephony services we can reduce your costs, enabling you to stay focussed on your core business.    

Give you the ability to get more from these services, access latest technologies, save money and make business efficiencies. Our commitment to our customers will continue with high standards of service at a competitive price, putting choice at the heart of what we offer.

Our professional accredited engineers can undertake an audit on your existing data network infrastructure, making recommendations for improvements. We can also design and build new solutions specific to your needs, creating you a bespoke service supporting your business.

The internet is now being used as a primary communications platform for most businesses. The natural progression is to use it to carry internal and external voice traffic at no or minimum cost. We can highlight how solutions can benefit your business.

Benefits to you:

Our experts can design and implement your data network to meet your business requirements and enhance business performance. We can provide you with an added advantage of highlighting any bottlenecks within your network which may be causing performance issues.

Our team of experts will design and implement business security solutions for you, providing assurance and protection by using our existing networks and systems that meet Public Services Network (PSN) accredited standards. These high security standards are produced and governed by the cabinet office.

Benefits to you:

We can provide you with secure reliable IT services that give you the peace of mind that your information and data is safe and secure.

Your IT functions are protected to a high level with our managed security services - providing you with annual security health checks, security assessments and guidance in a cost effective way.