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Digital Services

Digital Services

The Digital Services Team will support you to develop your online service provision. Inevitably your modern marketing activities will direct customers to your company website.

Our specialists can assist development of your social media policy, ensuring a common approach that will protect your online business and employees.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Website development services
  • Social media guidance and policies
  • Technical innovation research and advice
  • Systems integration and data standard advice

Our experts can develop you a bespoke website using tested technologies and provide on-going support. You can populate your site with useful engaging content and images that inform customers about your company.

Benefits to you:

Research shows that 33 million adults in the UK use the internet every day.* You can move your business online with the reassurance and security of our on-going support.

Help new and existing customers find you easily and quickly with a website that visually leads them to what they require. The web is increasingly where your customers are and they expect to find you there too. A good website means more visitors and more sales.

We can provide impartial advice on your use of social media platforms. This allows you to market your company by engaging with existing and potential new customers. Social media can also be used for your internal communications.

Benefits to you:

Social Media is a cost efficient way to build your online business, extend your customer base and allows your employees to share ideas and best practice. Make it easy for people to refer or recommend your company to friends and family by providing a web link for them to share through email or your social media.

We will impartially research new hardware or software and produce a cost versus benefits analysis report with return on investment – profiling that is bespoke to your business.

New technology can be expensive to implement and often it takes a number of years before benefits are fully realised. It is important that a comprehensive business case is developed.

Benefits to you:

New and innovative ways of working are continuously brought to market by a range of vendors. By using our impartial services you will see the real benefits and costs savings to your business.

Providing you with our specialist knowledge and advice, we can highlight how systems can be integrated to improve efficiency within your business.

We can advise you on the importance of data standards to ensure your systems are compliant with current legal requirements, also ensuring that your data is held in a common format across all your platforms.

Benefits to you:

If your business has grown in a disjointed way or you are considering ways to improve your efficiency, then you need to think seriously about systems integration.

Integrated systems provide improved knowledge management and allow business decisions to be taken quicker. Common data standards provide legislative compliance and a documented common approach to recording your data.

*Statistics sourced from the Optimisa Report