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Customer Quality and Systems

Customer Quality and Systems

IT Customer Quality and Systems can support and develop the increasing use of technology, including many different devices available to your business, ensuring that our customers are at the forefront of technological developments and can sustain their investment for years to come. Services include:

Our significant experience in managing print could be of interest to you and your business. We have an in-house print room with access to all the technology required for specialist print finishes, for example:

  • Booklets
  • Laminating
  • Binding

Through the management of our own printer fleet (exceeding 150 devices) we have developed the expertise to support your print needs. We can implement print audit software that highlights where your printing needs are heavily utilised and where it is costing you the most.

Through the redeployment of printer devices, undertaking print audits and using report data we can deliver the most cost effective method for you to print.

With our established software auditing tools that have been tried and tested within our own business, we can implement this within your business and give you detailed reports on your computer inventory.

Benefits to you:

  • Providing you with the information needed, ensuring your business is controlled, licensed and legally compliant in the use of software.

We can provide and support you in the use of hardware auditing systems, which will gather a full inventory of all of the hardware assets that are used in your business.

Benefits to you:

  • By using auditing systems you have knowledge and reassurance when you need it, allowing you to make cost effective decisions when reviewing, upgrading or replacing your equipment.

We can develop and support you in the set-up of online chat, online call logging and self-help pages that gives your customers and employees fast access to what they need.

Where appropriate we could be the support channel that responds to your employees and customer IT requests.

Benefits to you:

  • Your business could benefit from having a support facility which offers a speedy response. From resetting a password through to the bulk replacement of your hardware or software assets, we have the appropriate personnel to facilitate any requests.

By using a trusted source to host your server, we can set up a new server via hosting companies or we can install a server local to your site. With over one hundred servers under our current estate we have knowledge and skills to tailor the package you require for your business.

Benefits to you:

  • Due to the vast number of services offered by North Lincolnshire Council we have substantial experience of running IT systems needed in business. We can implement a solution that will deliver a central point for your printing, your file storage or your most business-critical system; one call can do it all.

Do you back up your files, data or have a plan in place should the un-thinkable happen?

We have an IT partner who is knowledgeable in storage and backup requirements which are the standard used within the Ministary of Defence, we are confident we can use these skills to help your business.

Benefits to you:

  • By building in a disaster recovery and business continuity plan this increases your security, knowing that your daily changes are backed-up and can be retrieved, resulting in no loss of information which is crucial for businesses.
  • Small or large volumes of data can be stored; there are very few limitations.
  • Working with you we can develop procedures to ensure you can restore access to business-critical functions in the event of a disaster.

If you have a need to install software across multiple devices we could do this with you. We have several different techniques for deploying software and they’re all tried and tested. We can use these same techniques to upgrade or remove software.

Benefits to you:

  • You can be reassured that experts are helping you with technology and application delivey, in the most efficient way for your business; we realise that every business is unique.

If smartphone and tablet devices are common in your work place, you may find it necessary to offer the users of these devices the same access as your PC and Laptop employees.

Different tools are available to make this possible, and we can help put these in place.

Benefits to you:

  • A trusted service that has interest in supporting and helping your business with mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.
  • Confident that your devices are working securely for you and your business in the most cost effective way.