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Schools and Academies

Schools and Academies

About our Service:

ICT Technical Services

We support and develop the increasing use of varied technology, including many different devices available to pupils and schools, ensuring that our customers are at the forefront of technology developments and sustain their investment for years to come.

Technology is an enabler, because we believe in making technology work for our customers, our initial priority is to spend some time fully understanding your requirements. Only then can we start to design the right ICT services for you.

Broadband Services

We are pleased to offer a new competitively priced and reliable broadband service specifically for schools and academies. We pride ourselves in understanding your requirements so we are able to offer a range of different broadband technologies.

Working with Easynet as our broadband partner we are able to analyse what technology is available across all network providers at your specific location. This allows us to challenge the market as it evolves and broker the best value for money connections for our schools and academies.

Our schools’ broadband allows different levels of filtering for different user groups. This offers you a content filtering solution with the reassurance that you can access valuable curriculum resources in a fast, safe and secure manner along with restricting access to inappropriate material.

MASS is our ICT partner supporting us on the delivery of strategic and on demand services and solutions that improve the security, efficiency and effectiveness of electronic and computer-based operations in government, industry and educational establishments.

Our qualified staff are trained to industry standards of ITIL*, Prince2*, Microsoft* and Cisco*, giving you access and support through your ICT business developments.

By using our ICT Services for your ICT you are choosing a reliable, trusted, knowledgeable and friendly provider with a vested interest in business growth and economic sustainability.

Benefits for your School or Academy;

We can offer but are not limited to;

  • Competitive, cost effective ICT service – We strive to provide ICT services and products at competitive prices, which are solely to support the school and its efficient and effective operation
  • Reliable, trusted and friendly support – Our services are used and trusted by more than 84 schools and a number of Council sites and are consistently valued for our reliable advice, friendly professional staff and value for money
  • Onsite, telephone and remote support – You will always be able to contact us by phone, and if you need support we can remote into your systems to fix it, fast.
  • Annual assessments of your curriculum network – Ensuring that your network remains secure with maximum running efficiencies.
  • Hardware and software, support, advice and instillations* - We provide you with professional support when you need it, ensuring technical efficient instillations are undertaken.
  • Network related fault diagnosis – By monitoring your network system, we can pick up on any faults that may occur, to eliminate where possible any adverse effect of your network.
  • Advice, support, equipment rebuilds, and server recovery – We can ensure you have professional advice and support on your technical needs, ensuring continuity of your systems.
  • Secure, managed, off-site backup solutions to ensure the integrity and safety of critical data*- By choosing our proven and extensive range of technical services, we can provide the reassurance and peace of mind that your school has the best services available.
  • Competitive quotes and purchasing service for hardware and software – We will ensure that access to the latest technologies is available at competitive prices and put choice at the heart of what we offer.
  • Considerably reduced costs for Microsoft Licenses – Due to our bulk buying power we ensure that we pass on the cost savings to you.
*Chargeable in some instances, subject to contract.